Event Details

This event finished on 15 December 2018

Meets 3rd Saturday of every month.

The purpose of this group is to have the opportunity to discover and exercise the creativity that has been lost by our addiction and to express our feelings and emotions relating to our recovery through art.

This is not an art class, nor do you need art skills to attend. This group is open to all (closed, mixed) who wish to discover their creativity as an expression of their recovery. Due to limitations of our facility, initially our mediums will be drawing tools, writing paper (both supplied there) or your electronic device.

We will follow a typical SAA meeting format. There is no cost to participate, a 7th step tradition will be observed.

Questions: Randy D. 602-481-2223 / Jeff S. 602-999-9482

Closed / Mixed

Closed – Closed meetings are reserved for any person who desires to stop addictive sexual behavior or who thinks he/she may be a sex addict.