From the ISO Website:

Intergroups are made up of representatives from local groups. An intergroup may meet quarterly or monthly. The general purpose is to pool efforts. Some of the ways intergroups do this is by:

  1. Pooling our funds to more effectively reach out to sex addicts.
  2. Operating committees to solve problems and organize outreach efforts.
  3. Planning local events.
  4. Establishing local policies.
  5. Providing a forum where groups can access the collective wisdom and experience of many groups.
  6. Networking with other groups to build a sense of community.
  7. Exchanging meeting information to provide more options for recovery.
  8. Discussing and distributing information about fellowship wide issues.
  9. For an intergroup to be effective the meetings need to be held at a time and place that is fixed. Groups will support an intergroup if there is consistency.

An elected trusted servant of intergroup opens the meeting with the serenity prayer. Representatives introduce themselves and welcome new representatives and new groups. A treasurer’s report is given and the Seventh Tradition follows. Usually time is allowed for announcements to be made concerning events or needs. Next old and new business items are discussed and reported on. Intergroups choose to operate with different levels of order, some use a lax form of “Robert’s Rules”, and others use an even less formal method. At the end of the meeting some intergroups set aside time for a growth moment; this could mean discussing one of the Twelve Traditions.